miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

teacher's notes

Otello is one of the most popular play of Wiliam Shakespeare. The main character of this drama is Maur, general of wenacina''s army and husband of Desdemona, young Italian. Her familly wasn''t happy of her choose. They didn''t like lower statute of Otello and his black colour of skin. We can say it was a mezaliane. But they couldn''t do anything, because Desdemona loved Otello very much. Maur wasn''t only good-looking man. He also had a lots of pozitive advantages. But his sick jealousywas a big disability, which was the reason of latest tragedies. Jago was a warrant officer in Otello''s army. He entered to their happy life, becouse he couldn''t look on thei happines. He didn''t get a promotion on the higher degree and mabye he made so many bad things, becouse og his dissapoinlty hopes. He made Otello more and more jealous. He persuade Otello that his wife is unfaithful and she sleeps with other solidier. Otello belives him becouse Jago is officier in his army and he couldn''t lie. What is more Otello belives that women have adultery in blood. He is pathologicaly jealous. He try to forget about it but he can''t. The jealously take back his common sense. Finally he strangled Desdemona in their beedrrom and he killed himself too, becouse now he know that his wife was faithful. Jago was punished with dead. The plot of Otello is simple and has one train. Now we called sick jealously the syndrome of Otello and the sick ency the syndrome of Jago. Shekpeare very well shown the bettle of two men who dad a pathaloigical feeling. Now we know that gossip can make a pain and even destroy a life.

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