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Sergio y Daniel Pablo.Resumen Macbeth

Act I

The story begins in the den of witches who are to meet with Macbeth.
King Duncan receives a bloodstained man informs him that Macbeth, Lord of Glamis and bancu (Scottish army generals) have defeated the lord of Cawdor in battle. King Duncan are delighted and decide to reward Macbeth with the title of the vanquished.

Witches appear again and go out to meet Macbeth and bancu. I prophesy many things. They say that Macbeth will be named Lord of Cawdor (he still does not know) to be king. A bancu told to be father of kings (their children will succeed to the throne). Bancu Macbeth and ask that where did they get such news, but the witches vanish. Then Ross and Angus enter (nobles of Scotland) and reported to Macbeth that he has been awarded the title of Cawdor.
Winners appear before the king Duncan and this congratulates them and tells them the intention to appoint from that moment his son Malcolm Prince of Cumberland (title traditionally given to the heir to the crown of Scotland).
All they decide to spend the night at Glamis Castle to celebrate the victory.
In the next scene Lady Macbeth reads a letter from her husband telling her what happened. Since then she decides to kill the king so as to fulfill the prophecies. Everything is planned and decided when a messenger tells him that the king is going to spend the night in his castle.
Lady Macbeth informs her husband, who had come to the group, its intentions, but he is not fully agree with the idea, though certainly a bit.
Duncan and nobles come to the castle and are greeted warmly by Lady Macbeth invites them to sit at the table for the banquet.
While everyone eats, Macbeth reflects on the proposition of his wife and decides to do so and informed his wife that he will not carry out his plan. But she insults him and inciting him to commit the crime, and Macbeth, though still uncertain, and after retort sometimes accepts the plan to kill King Duncan.

Act II

Fleance bancu and his son are standing guard at the door of the room where the king sleeps. Macbeth appears and tells them to go to sleep. They obey and leave the King's room guarded by soldiers drunk by Lady Macbeth, which was within the plan, so they could commit the murder.
Macbeth becomes where his wife and again that he is against killing the king, but Lady Macbeth knows how to treat and persuades him again. He announced that the knives are already prepared with must carry out the terrible action and Macbeth leaves to fulfill its mission. Before entering the bedroom of King, feel and think without being convinced yet what to do. At that moment he sees a dagger floating before him (only he can see) and this image terrifies him and makes him think about going to commit treason. Finally, decide and kills the king and his guards.

Macbeth returns to his room and tells his wife that he has already accomplished crime. He feels terrible remorse for his action but his wife, cold and calculating insists that was what he should do and that must now conceal and hide any evidence.
Macduff next morning found the body of Duncan, warning of such fact Lennox and Macbeth is quick to attack the soldiers furiously stained with the blood of the king and whose knives were the weapons used for the regicide and the dead, as if would destroy them at the moment, so that no treachery is discovered. Dan alarm and Malcolm and Donalbain (children of Duncan) fleeing in secret to England and Ireland respectively, fearing that after the death of their father they were the following, and this gives rise to the nobles think that the soldiers killed the king to order of their children.
A few hours later it was decided to appoint King Macbeth of Scotland, but Macduff and bancu already suspect it.

Start with a conversation between bancu and Macbeth in the first issue with the new king who has not played fair to get your job. Macbeth pretends not care what he says and invites you to a banquet to be held that night. Bancu access in and out riding with his son until the scheduled time.
After having gone bancu, Macbeth sends for a murderers to stop ordering bancu Fleance and his son to avoid the fulfillment of the witches prophecy concerning the seed of bancu. The murderers leave.
In a monologue Lady Macbeth regrets having killed the king and now can not live in peace. This is when Macbeth enters and says he is still not quiet as bancu and his son are still alive, but surprisingly, his wife begs him to forget the issue and be cheerful and happy again. But Macbeth insists that it has concluded its work and for this purpose are necessary these two new deaths.
The three murderers wait for bancu and his son appear with their horses and attacked with knives killing the father, but Fleance escapes. After this, the murderers Macbeth inform of what happened and this, although intrigued by the flight of Fleance, is calmer.
Already at the banquet, after toasting, bancu ghost enters and sits in place for Macbeth, which remains standing. When Lennox tells the king that he feels it believes that all sites are occupied until it realizes that its site is occupied by bancu and that torments him, so he starts yelling and talking to the ghost that only he sees. Lady Macbeth steps in and reassures the noble saying it is a disease that often occurs, but that is temporary. The ghost comes out and Macbeth is calm but after a while to re-mention Macbeth, the ghost comes back and repeats the scene. All the nobles think he's crazy and leave to let him rest. Lady Macbeth accuses him who has discovered his remorse and reminds him that Macduff did not attend the banquet at the king sent for him.
Enter Lennox and another gentleman who tells him that Macduff has gone to London to meet Malcolm, the son of Duncan to form an army to overthrow the tyrant Macbeth, with the help of the pious King Edward of England.

Act IV

Preparing spells witches reappear while awaiting the arrival of Macbeth. It comes and asks you to predict your future is as baffled. They invoke the three spirits. Each makes a warning: the first tells you to beware of Macduff, the Baron of Fife, the second says that no one born of woman will harm, and to behave bold and bloody, and the third will not be defeated until the forest of Birnam not advance against him Dunsinán Hill. Disappear Macbeth calls spirits and know more as witches teach the image of eight kings descended from bancu. Macbeth is angry.
When you leave, Macbeth meets Lennox that Macduff has reportedly gone to England to face him. Macbeth, irritated orders to kill the noble family fled. It fulfills your order (before that there is a dialogue between Lady Macduff and her son).
Macduff and Malcolm in England talk about the state of Scotland and complain about the tyranny of Macbeth.
See a doctor who tells them that the English king is willing to help them defeat the tyrant. Malcolm discovers himself as the perfect ruler: good, honest, faithful ... (Like his father). Appears Ross and Macduff tells what happened to her family. This will cries and swears revenge, but not before the accused why he left his family alone.

Act V

A lady in waiting to Lady Macbeth's doctor informed of this strange behavior. At night stands and talking to herself, without even waking up constantly washed his hands saying that is stained with blood.
Mentheth appear, Cathness, Lennox and Angus with his armies and announce the imminent arrival of the English army and the bad situation of Macbeth, whose men are faithful and not only fighting for obligation. Decide to join the British.
The doctor notified the state Macbeth of his wife and the King is enraged by the inability to cure.
The Scottish and English nobles gathered prepare the battle. Malcolm orders each soldier take a tree branch of Birnam wood to the lookouts can not count the number of men and so use them as camouflage and go forward.
Reappears in the castle of Macbeth Dunsinán and cries of women, is Lady Macbeth who has died.
Enter a messenger that tells the king that the forest of Birnam Hill down Dunsinán moving towards the castle. This is true as said by the third spirit.
The battle begins and the men of Macbeth are passed fleeing side or you are not faithful. Young Siward, son of Siward, an English nobleman Macbeth faces, but it ends with him and killed him. Then enter Macduff and Macbeth in a fierce battle falls dead. Macduff was "torn from the womb before their time" as the second prophecy is fulfilled.
In the last scene shows all the nobles and Malcolm, who is appointed king. Siward learns of the death of his son but says there is no more honorable death than to fall in combat and fighting from the front. Noble appoints Malcolm counts, the first time that was given that title in Scotland and partly to Scone (which crowned the kings of Scotland)

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